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The New Coronado Wellness Center

"It's absolutely perfect," Kerry Keiser beams about her new Coronado Wellness Center. Originally housing the dental practice of the late Jim Vernetti, the spacious building at 543 Orange Ave. is designed in a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired style and integrates nature into its design: a central garden runs the length of the building, providing pleasant views from treatment rooms as well as meditative space. A fireplace glows in the lobby, providing a welcoming warmth.

Keiser is a chiropractor by profession, and while she is totally devoted to the healing powers of proper spine alignment, she expanded her practice to include other professionals providing a variety of healing, restorative care. She acquired the former dental office the summer of 2008 and completely renovated the space.

In addition to chiropractic care, Coronado Wellness Center includes massage, reflexology, a nutritionist, homeopath, psychologist, preventative dentistry, lymphatic drainage, experts in natural childbirth options and lactation, yoga and exercise for all ages.

A novel service for the center's active patients is a free online and phone Wellness Hot line coaching service for those who wish to lose weight, stopping smoking, reduce stress and generally live a healthier more productive life.

New patients are encouraged to join a 30-minute lecture and discussion with Keiser in which she espouses not only the virtues of preventative care through chiropractic, but also more tangential issues of wellness. For instance, she'll encourage clients to stop using antiperspirants. "It's natural for our bodies to perspire," she insists. "All you need is a natural salt stone. One will last you an entire year; you can get one at Boney's Bayside Market. You'll allow your sweat glands to operate as they were intended, you'll save money and you won't stink."

She'll advise them to get their blood typed, which they can do for free if they donate blood through the San Diego Blood Bank. Once the client knows their type, Keiser will refer them to the book, Eat Right for Your Type. "Our bodies metabolize food differently, depending on our blood type," she says.

Another book that Keiser recommends and sells at her office is Discover Wellness by her friend and colleague Dr. Bob Hoffman. "It's the single most comprehensive wake-up call I've seen that talks about how our unhealthy lifestyles, spurred on by media hype and an insurance system based on sick care not wellness care, is bankrupting our country and causing us stress," she says. "Ninety percent of all disease is caused or exacerbated by stress."

Keiser encourages her clients to drink lots of water and cut out caffeine and sugar. But she is also adamant that sugar substitutes are nothing less than poison to a person's system. Take a diet cola into her office and she'll cringe in horror. "Stop drinking that stuff - go with water and you'll get rid of those migraines in no time flat!" she insists to one patient. Migraines are what led Keiser to chiropractic care and wellness. In her early 20s, she suffered from debilitating headaches and sought relief through chiropractic care, which helped her immensely. (She now offers specialized treatment for migraine sufferers.) Her recurring headaches also led her to embrace the entire field of wellness, something she feels insurance providers are also slowly coming to appreciate; she notes that some providers are now including some chiropractic care in their coverage options.

"We all know there is a health-care crisis in this country and the best way to combat that crisis is to have fewer people sick," Keiser says. "Helping my clients discover wellness is my absolute passion."

For additional information, contact discoverwellnesscoronado.com or call the center at  (619) 437-4900.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "My first contact with Dr. Kerry Keiser was at the restaurant where I waited tables. She commented on my limp and asked if she could help in any way. (I didn't even know she was a doctor.)
    Fast forward 10 years and she is still in my life, along with her incredible staff, guiding me so I can continue to be physically active and strong at 58. The most amazing thing about her practice is that she works to set you on your own path to health. She didn't just adjust my initial injury; she helped me to make lifestyle changes so I could continue to be a strong and active person. Dr. Keiser suggested yoga, at-home exercises and stretches to keep my body aligned. I trust her and would recommend Dr. Kerry Keiser to anyone who is interested in improving their health and well-being."
    -Cara I., 8/2022